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8'6'' Inflatable Paddleboard (Sunset Orange)

8'6'' Inflatable Paddleboard (Sunset Orange)

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Not every paddleboard is built equal. At Samphire, all of our paddleboards are produced using our industry-leading MFW, or ‘MonoFusionWeld’ Technology. In this process, two layers of material are precision heat-welded together, forming one
strong layer. This produces lightweight, yet super-stiff boards - meaning an easier, quicker, and more stable paddleboarding experience for you.

  • Perfect for lighter adults (up to 70kg), and younger riders
  • Super stable, stiff, and durable - due to MFW construction
  • Super-lightweight and easy to pack and transport
  • Designed for all-condition use - from waves to rivers
  • Includes everything you need to get started

The 8’6’’ board is designed with kids, teens, and lighter adults (up to 70kg) in mind, and is a perfect introduction to the world of SUPs. From cruising down rivers to surfing waves, this board is specifically shaped to deliver stable, easy paddling for younger or lighter riders. Our shortest board doesn’t miss out on any of the premium technology of its bigger siblings either - meaning it’s super-stiff, yet incredibly versatile, durable and lightweight. Featuring our industry-leading MFW (MonoFusionWeld) construction technology, this board is super lightweight, yet super-stiff and incredibly stable - perfect for advanced users and beginners alike. Our kit comes with everything you need to get out on the water.

Generally, you’ll hear of three types of SUP construction - single layer, double layer, and ‘fusion’ construction - our MFW technology.

Single-layer is the most widely used, and cheapest construction to produce. Seen a super cheap board online? It’ll use this basic construction. As you can imagine, it uses just one layer of plastic - so although lightweight, it’s super soft and flexible and can lose its shape over time, and in some cases, won't even be airtight. It will visibly bow beneath you in the water, feeling unstable - not great for anyone, especially beginners.

Next up, Double layer. Yes, you guessed it, we’re talking two layers of plastic here - literally glued together - not very elegant at all. The result? A stiffer, more durable board, but with all that glue, they’re super heavy, and can carry cosmetic imperfections. They're also much trickier to roll and pack away - these can be hard to transport and carry, especially when dealing with bigger boards.

The answer? Our MFW Fusion Tech. Two layers, precision heat-welded into one monolayer. Super stiff - yet super lightweight, incredibly durable, and easy to pack and roll. The best of all worlds, and the downsides of none - and the only construction we trust here at Samphire.


  • MonoFusionWeld Dropstitch Construction
  • Large non-slip EVA deck
  • 1 removable fin & 2 moulded fins
  • Cargo straps
  • Heavy-duty carry handle
  • Recommended rider weight: up to 70kg
  • Maximum recommended load: 115kg
  • Board weight: 6.9kg
  • Length: 8’6’’ / 293cm
  • Width: 30’’ / 76cm
  • Thickness: 5.9’’ / 15cm
  • Bag size: 90x42x32cm
  • Max pressure: 15psi


  • 8’6’’ MFW All Round Inflatable Paddleboard
  • Samphire Premium Aluminium Paddle
  • Samphire High Volume Pump
  • Lightweight Adjustable Carry Backpack
  • Samphire Leg Leash
  • Repair Kit

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You should always wear a buoyancy aid or personal floatation device. For more information, see our SUP safety guide.

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Always wear a buoyancy aid or personal floatation device. Ensure you are using a suitable leash for your paddling environment and conditions. Calf or ankle leashes should not be used on fast-flowing water where this is a risk of snagging or entrapment. Straight (non-coiled) leashes should be used when surfing.

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For optimum stability and performance in the water, we recommend all Samphire boards are pumped up to at least 12psi.

Around 10-12 minutes.

It will take around 7-8 minutes of pumping before the needle on the gauge starts to move. During these ~7 minutes, the board will inflate and it will take the final shape of the board - but only then will pressure start to increase on the pressure gauge. Do not expect to see any movement on the pressure gauge for the first ~7 minutes of pumping - even if your board has taken its full shape and looks like a fully inflated paddleboard! Pressure will gradually increase from ~0psi to ~15psi in the last 5 minutes or so of pumping.

Samphire paddleboards can arrive with the two flexible side fins slightly out of shape due to being compressed when packed and transported. These are designed to be flexible and malleable, and will straighten over time once unpacked - and can be helped along by hand if required.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Cassie Potter

Very happy with the service and care. after not receiving my parcel first time another was sent out .

Thank you for your feedback, Cassie! We are so pleased to hear that you are satisfied with our service.

Enjoy your new SUP!

The SUP Warehouse Team

Denise Buckland

I am taking this to Scotland with me in September, as I am staying near a beautiful Loch (well they all are beautiful) and want to try it out then, so I will submit a better review then. Delivery was very quick and it was a good price, colour is beautiful and it comes with all you need. I bought this as I am only 4'10" and having tried a much larger one before (11') I found that a tad unwieldy for little ole me, so opted for a smaller version. I am so looking forward to getting out on it.

We love your enthusiasm, Denise! It sounds like you're all set for an exciting adventure in Scotland, and we hope that your new SUP is going to live up to your expectations!

We can't wait to hear all about your Scottish paddleboarding escapade.

Thank you for your review!

Best wishes,
The SUP Warehouse Team

Sue Todd

Have not used or opened it yet as been away but as soon as I can will leave feedback