SUP Safety Quick Guide

SUP Safety Quick Guide

Everything you need to know to get out on the water, safely.



Ensure your paddleboard has no damage and is safe to use before you go out on the water. If you have an inflatable, make sure it’s at the correct pressure.

Your leash is your primary safety device and one should be worn at all times. It’s also recommended that all SUP paddlers wear a buoyancy aid. Check that the leash is in good condition before getting on the water. For more information about the different types of leashes and appropriate uses, you can find our blog post on it here.

Consider your clothing choice, check the weather forecast before heading out to make sure you prepare with the appropriate kit. If you can find out the water temperature of where you plan to paddle, even better, water can remain very cold even if it’s sunny. 

A couple pump up their inflatable SUP boards


Use a waterproof bag to pack any supplies you might need for your paddle. It can be a good idea to bring suncream, medication, extra clothing, snacks and water with you depending on when and where you’re paddling.

Having a means of communication with you is essential. Your mobile phone should be stored in a waterproof bag and kept in your buoyancy aid. It’s also a good idea to let someone know where you’re going and how long you expect to be out on the water for.

A first aid kit is always a good thing to bring in your pack, helping you deal with any minor injuries that may arise.

Man paddling on his SUP with a waterproof bag attached

 Getting out on the water

Plan your paddle within your capabilities, check the weather and use paddlepoints to find out more information on the area you’re going to. It's important to avoid offshore winds if paddling on the sea.

Make sure you take your time getting out on the water safely as well as taking care when you return. 

If you want to develop your skills and understanding consider a course or guided tour with a British Canoeing Delivery Partner or affiliated club.

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