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H3 Amura SUP Package (Red)

H3 Amura SUP Package (Red)

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AMURA H3 is the Stand Up Paddle specially developed for SUP boarding beginners, with a 81cm wide deck, perfectly sized to facilitate understanding of the movements on a SUP board. Everything you need is
included in the starter kit: extendable paddle, carrying bag, safety leash, GoPro support and double action Bravo pump.

The SUP JBAY.ZONE AMURA is entirely made of highly resistant laminated PVC with EVA Foam cover on the Deck to further increase stability during use. The combination of colors and the exclusive JBAY.ZONE design give to the Stand Up Paddle a sporting and a strong character.

The internal structure of AMURA H3 is made up of thousands of fabric filaments welded to laminated PVC. This technology is called Drop–Stitch UAL, and allows the SUP AMURA, once inflated to the maximum recommended pressure of 15PSI, to give proof of its rigidity. The Rail is also reinforced by an extra layer of Laminated PVC for greater safety and resistance to any impact or stress.

On the deck of the SUP AMURA H3 JBAY.ZONE there are some steel “D rings”, useful for connecting the Safety Leash supplied with this board, or other accessories such as the Semi-rigid Seat for the transformation of the Stand Up Paddle into a comfortable Kayak. The valves used by JBAY.ZONE for the SUP AMURA H3 are High Pressure type with Bayonet coupling to connect the Bravo® Pump supplied in complete safety, optimizing the air insufflation operations and avoiding the risk of unexpected pressure leaks. At last, the EVA Foam that covers the upper part of the Stand Up Paddle is slightly raised near the tail to increase the handling and comfort.

  • Category: Beginner's SUP Board
  • Material: Laminated PVC DROP-STITCH UAL Technology
  • Volume: 210L
  • Thickness: 10cm - 4''
  • Length: 297cm - 9'9''
  • Width: 81cm - 32''
  • Weight: 9kg
  • Air Chambers: 1
  • Inflation pressure: 15psi / 1Bar
  • Users: 1
  • Recommended User Weight: 99kg
  • Safety Leash: Included
  • Paddle: Included, Aluminium Shaft Extensible 165-215cm
  • Camera Mounts: GoPro®HERO, included (camera not included)
  • Pump: Included Double Action Bravo 2x2000cc 2.0bar / 29psi Pump
  • Manometer: Integrated
  • Carry Bag: Included
  • Fins Configuration: Removable Central Fin Included
  • Kayak Conversion: Yes, Seat and Double Bladed Paddle Sold Separately
  • Repair Kit: Included

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