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Tribal Inflatable Paddleboard (Grey)

Tribal Inflatable Paddleboard (Grey)

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The Stand Up Paddle Board "SUP-320" by Aukai® is suitable for beginners as well as for professionals. It impresses with its exclusive design and various advantages over many available boards on the market.The board
is manufactured with a Premium Double Layer process of MFL Fusion technology. Here, 2 PVC layers are thermally welded over the entire surface. As a result, the board is much more robust and lighter than boards constructed with simply glued layers. The board core consists of a DTEX-1200D drop stitch, which significantly increases the stiffness of the board once inflated and makes it extremely stable dimensionally. In addition, the model has a thickness of 15cm, which allows a user weight of up to 140kg in conjunction with the massive board core.With a total length of 320cm and a width of 80cm, the "SUP-320" from Aukai® ensures optimal handling in the water with minimal water resistance. The plug-in fin increases the total length by 22cm also aids the tracking stability even in light waves.

The large usable area and the dimensionally stable construction mean the board can be used not only for relaxed paddling, but also for yoga exercises or other training sessions on the water. The large non-slip EVA deck ensures a secure footing.The aluminium telescopic paddle has an ergonomic shaped handle and can be adjusted from 174 to 218cm in length. The telescopic paddle also has a PU foam filling and floats on the surface if dropped. The included flexible safety leash prevents the board getting away from you.

Due to the high-performance safety valve, the board is designed for a pressure of up to 15 PSI / 1.0 bar. For fast and uncomplicated use, you will receive a 3-way high pressure pump as standard. This will get your board up and running in minutes. The 3-way system reduces the inflation time by 50% compared to simple high-pressure pumps. The pump also has a pressure gauge, which makes filling to the correct pressure a breeze.On the board are also 9 mounting eyelets, including 4 in the front, 2 centre, and 3 attached to the rear, which allow you to attach various accessories on the board. The elastic luggage straps at the front end also allow you to carry simple items such as towels, drinks or small items of luggage on the water easily. Thanks to a special coating, the board is UV-resistant, as well as resistant to chlorine and salt water so the colours remain even after several years.

Due to the low weight and the central mounted carrying handle, you can easily transport the board with just one hand to the desired location.Also included is the comfortable transport backpack with 2-shoulder straps which provides space for the board, the pump, the paddle and the safety line. Stowed away compactly, you can easily transport the board on your back, bike or in the car.

  • Brand: Aukai®
  • Model: SUP-320
  • Board dimensions: 320 x 80 x 15 cm (LxWxH)
  • Paddle length: 174 - 218 cm (adjustable)
  • Barometric pressure max.: 15 PSI - 1.0 bar
  • Weight: 9.0 kg
  • Capacity: up to 140 kg
  • Board Core: DTEX-1200D
  • Double Layer Construction
  • MFL Fusion technology
  • DTEX-1200D stitch
  • Chlorine and salt water resistant
  • UV-resistant

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